Tile Flooring

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Work of Art

Consider a custom tile floor installation in Choudrant & Monroe, LA

Does your bathroom feel bland and unappealing? You'll be amazed at the difference a custom tile floor installation can make. You don't have to flip through a catalog and choose a cookie-cutter look when you call Norred Family Enterprise, Inc. We install custom tile flooring and will work with you to make your bathroom look unique and beautiful.

No matter what kind of design you want, we'll make it work. We can also install vinyl plank floors if you're looking for a different style. Discuss the look you want with our tile contractor in Choudrant & Monroe, LA when you call us today.

Why you should hire Norred Family Enterprise

Why you should hire Norred Family Enterprise

There's no reason to settle for average work from an ordinary contractor. Turn to Norred Family Enterprise for your tile floor installation because...

  • We'll take care of the entire job, from tearing out your old flooring to laying down the tile and grout.
  • You won't have to overpay for materials. We'll use the tile you provide to complete your project.
  • Our contractor can measure your home, tell you how many tiles you need and give you options for suppliers.

We make the process as straightforward as possible so you can get the design you want at an affordable price. Schedule tile flooring installation services by contacting us at 318-243-5691.